Predictive Dialing

My predicament is this:

We are setting up an Asterisk box to become a predictive dialer for an outgoing call centre. So far so good. The little snag we are running into is we want the asterisk box to differenciate between a person picking up the phone and a recording. For example the infamous “Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the numebr and dial again. This is a recording.”. If this pickes up then we would like to have the dialer know that this is not a client and disconnect the call.

Any ideas on how to approach this? Any links or documentation would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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What software/product are you using for the predictive dialer?

Yes what software are you using I’m looking to do the same thing. Also any good docs on setting something this up??

look for vicidialer on google. there is another program to do this, but i don’t know the name.

Vicidial does this. It is part of the astGUIclient package that installs on top of Asterisk. Here’s the website:

We’ve been running predictive for about 2 years now using VICIDIAL on 100 agent seats across 7 Asterisk servers using the same database server for them all.

the project has a mailing list if you have any questions.

The only other Asterisk-based GPL predictive dialing project out there is GnuDialer but it is not as flexible, scalable or reliable at this moment. It’s still a little early in it’s development.

Wow vicidiler looks way confusing!! I’ll give it a try.

There is a comprehensive installation from scratch document(SCRATCH_INSTALL) that takes you through every step of setting up a VICIDIAL system from bare hardware: … stall.html

If you have any questions or suggestions about making it better or less confusing let us know.

I will not be using any zaptel hardware on the system i plan on testing on. Will this be a problem for me??

astGUIclient and VICIDIAL work just fine with IAX2 or SIP trunks as well as traditional Zap trunks, so no problem here. We would recommend IAX2 trunks over SIP though because IAX2 is more efficient and native to Asterisk.

Well I managed to get it up and running(I think is working??) but when i try to login to admin pages…nothing? i’m using cron 1234 to login?? Any ideas??

Never mind figured that out. Now to getting this thing to do what I want.

Forgot to mention one thing, If you are not using any Zaptel hardware in your machine you will need to use ztdummy for your timing(needed to use meetme rooms)

Here’s an overview of ztdummy:

I usually recommend buying at least a cheap zaptel card so that you have a dedicated timing device for production VICIDIAL systems.

I upgraded my kernel to 2.6.10 just for this issue. I modprobe ztdummy and it shows the it is in use with zaptel. Do I still need a timing source?? Is so, will a x100 card??


Haven’t used 2.6.10 myself, but I’ve heard it may work just fine with ztdummy. I would recommend at the very least one of the $10 x100 clone cards you can fine through Google or ebay if you plan on running in production. There have been issues with running a heavy meetme load and not having a dedicated zaptel timing source.

Let us know how it works.

Actually i work for a call-center too and have implemented asterisk@home 2.2, migrated from 1.2.1. I love asterisk and i think this is the best product by far.

I would also like to take this time in asking everyone if they know any installation document in installing vicidial on top of asterisk@home. I did install it but it just wont dial, the leads are in the leadhopper already but my problem is it wont make calls, my setup is Softphones and my trunk is a Sip trunk anybody got any ideas why it wont dial???

Asterisk@Home doesn’t get along with other apps very well. It is much easier to install Asterisk and VICIDIAL from scratch using the SCRATCH_INSTALL document( … stall.html) than it is to wrestle with all of A@H’s bloated configuration files to figure out why something is not working right.

If you want to setup VICIDIAL i can setup for you. I can support as well for the Asterisk / VICIDIAL.

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Has anyone here installed Vicidial on top of Pound Key?

[quote=“mr_mehul_shah”]If you want to setup VICIDIAL i can setup for you. I can support as well for the Asterisk / VICIDIAL.

I have setup VICIDIAL for more than 15 call centers in india and USA.

If you are interested than mail me :[/quote]

why not say what u charge???

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how about moving the ‘commercial nature’ of this thread of to jobs - might be more appropriate?