Auto Dial to an IVR and respond automatically

Hi All. We are in the process of developing a predictive dialer using Vicidial and asterisk which would automatically dial out to an IVR and receive the options from the IVR and automatically select the appropriate option without any manual intervention. Is this possible using VIcidial and asterisk? If yes, please let me know the steps for the same. If no, is there any other alternate for achieving this functionality?

We cannot answer for Vicidial.

Asterisk can do it by dead reckoning the timing of sending DTMF, and you might be able to use, third party, speech recognition engines to achieve more precise timing. The latter is not trivial and you may well have to design from first principles.

I am not sure about the predictive dialing capabilities of Vicidia. I would suggest reading how I used WombatDialer. Starting with a static DTMF dialplan and moving to using AGI to interact with the call.