Preditive Dialing

We are a distribution company for IP related products. we sell IP phones router, gateways, Wireless WIFI hardware and software applications.

Our software applications are Call Center solutions, IP PBX, CTI intergrations with CRM packages and security applications for older people.

For our Call center solutions we like to extend our business by also selling a Preditive dialer application which will work together with Asterisk. I’m looking for someone who can make this for us or already has this.

We are also searching for Asterisk delvelopers who like to work for us, we have a office in Dubai and Amsterdam (Netherlands europe).

Since you are using Asterisk you may want to try a GPL predictive dialer: VICIDIAL(part of the astGUIclient suite)

We are the primary developers and have been using it in production for over 2 years now with over 120 seats at our main corporate location and another 100 seats spread across 3 remote locations.

The software suite is now entirely web-browser-based with agent and admin web pages. We also just finished an internationalization framework that allows for easy multi-language builds of the admin and agent web pages(Currently English and Spanish are the only fully complete languages)

Let me know if you would like any more information on it.


we are a company in India and are willing to develpo a solution in which we will put up a server in the call center which will have As terix PBX and digium cards and predicative dialer …in this way the call center owner will not need any voip Gws ( digium card will work like that) server will send calls to carriers using PBX and then predictive dialer will place call to calling agents …this way it will become an integrated system…
Can wework this out…?
we need good technical guys who can help us make this solution in one server CD so that all w need is to install it on server and it will be ready to make calls…

I’m looking for a similar solution. If you have guys working on this perhaps we can joint venture. I can also help you find people on this. We could work something out so you could use / sell solution in India and we can do it here in the Philippines.

Email me James AT


We are asterisk developer. We have done a research in vicidial and setup many call center for companies. We have also done various projects in modification in asterisk like application for answering machine detection, fax detection, node lookup and also video conferencing in asterisk.

We had also created an application which broadcast the numbers in the database at a moment and plays a files which we need to play to all those numbers in the database at any given time specify in the database. That`s means u can play the files to for more than 500 users in a single minute.

We have done a lot research in Asterisk. We can work for you remotely. You can contact me on :


I am during developing such a system. I have two asterisk’s and CallCenter for 10-15 agents. I have 400 lines from two PBX ( One asterisk is integrated with MD110 and the other with PB250 ). I am using only my software ( developed by myself ) - C, C++, C# ( with DevExpress components ), sometime bash scripts, postgresql.
I have four E1 Telco lines ( 2 - PSTN and 2 - GSM ). I have expierience with Sangoma Cards and Digium clone. Now I am testing VOIP, OpenSER and other things connected with this.
All these things I have made during one year, beginning from asterisk installation, developing application, telecomuncations services and many others.
My knowledge may be helpful.
I am willing to share my experience with the others people to learn more.