Predictive Dialer package other than VICIDIAL or GNUDial

Does anyone know if there are good dialer platforms built on top of Asterisks besides the free VICIDIAL and / or GNUDial engines? We do not mind purchasing a good solution that has similar functionalities as traditional Predictive Dialer Products.

There is Asteria Solutions’ OmegaDial contact sales AT asteriasgi DOT com for a demo.


There is also Aheeva and Indosoft that offer commercial dialer solutions that are based on Asterisk.

What kind of features specifically are you looking for the GnuDialer and/or VICIDIAL do not have?

Ease of install and administration for newbs like us?

I cant speak for Aheeva, but OmegaDial is all web driven, so install management is designed to be easy… Not Everyone wants to be an asterisk guru

For the commercial packages out there you still have to have someone install it for you before you can use it so they are all fairly equal when it comes to installation.

As for easy of Administration, the commercial packages have put a lot of time into making their admin interfaces work. GnuDialer and VICIDIAL have web-based admin interfaces, but there are still some advanced functions that you have to get into conf files to change around.

One thing to remember about the commercial solutions is that they are nowhere near as flexible as the open source dialers, and you cannot alter the code or behaviour of coded functions in them like you can with GnuDialer and VICIDIAL.

MFlorell: One thing to remember also, is that not everyone cares to modify the code themselves, which is where we come in, if out of the box it doesnt do something you want it to do, then we’re here for that.

We use Vicidial on our center here in the philippines.

In order to properly administer Vicidial you have to be proficient in this areas



any way I like vicidial because it is scalable. I can do load balancing and some cool stuff that other predictive dialers offers for hell lot of $$$$. but one thing for sure. If Im go home, something happens to the dialer my tech guys cant do anything done to stare at each other :frowning: .

In a real life scenario, you have to have the codes and modify it yourself or else business will suffer. Administration of asterisk boxes isnt easy thats why it is best left to the people who have a clue about it.


If you need support or to install VICIDIAL in can do it for you contact me:




you can look at DACX Dialer from Drishti India.

This solution supports all advanced features and is running at more than 70 centers in India.

the product is being launched in philippines at the voIPCON event in manila.

Presence Technology. a commercial company out there, has done a fair bit of work on a dialer for Asterisk. I have not worked with the product extensively enough to give it an A+ rating yet but I try and keep up with the field as a whole. I have had Asterisk running in my call center for a while now and test out all the new gizmos. Coming from a background of old world dialers like Genesys and Davox and having also looked at some current open source modules I can tell you that it is worth serious consideration before you start getting up to your eyeballs in piecing something together.

Good Luck,
-nxn (Nicholas)