Poundkey Suggestions

Ok, I spent about 20 seconds looking for a forum specific to the Poundkey builds on the rpath.org site and haven’t found anything. Does anyone know if there’s a place where we could ask for specific things to be included in the distribution? Yeah, I know, I’m lazy and should install all the stuff I need manually. I’m just wondering if there are licensing issues that would keep sharutils and pear-DB (among other things) out of the install when they would come in handy.


but where do you stop, and how do you decide what goes in ? wouldn’t it end up lookinglike TB before too long ?

as AsteriskNOW seems to be the next stage in dev for this package, perhaps the only way to get suggestions back is to use the ‘feedback’ forum there ?

there is also an #asterisk-now channel on IRC.

I understand your point, I’m just trying to find simple things that would make deployment easier. Honestly, the only place I run the open source version of Asterisk is in house, we sell Asterisk Business Edition to our clients. We do a lot of Hylafax/ARI/Asterisk Stat installs on top of ABE and having the support packages (sharutils, pear-DB, ghostscript) already there would be nice. Like I said at the beginning, I can install them all manually. I’m just looking for a way to make things a bit more streamlined. :smile: