Pound Key - anyone played with this?

It seems as though Digium has been working on an interesting project with Rpath - a completely customized linux distro with all the components required to run Asterisk.


I had never even heard of RPath before this morning, and have been browsing their site for about an hour now - there are some very cool projects being developed.

Anyways, I just wondered if anyone had played with Pound Key yet - I’m downloading the iso now and will report back on what I find.

Sorry if this seems random, but I think this is a VERY cool idea.

Nice smooth install for n00bs like me, seasoned pro’s may have a differing opinion of the features though. :smiley:

Looks good, Whats interesting is that its been around since Sep last year and no mention of it in lists or wiki.


When I had emailed digium about some questions for Asterisk Business Edition I was told they were working on the rPath distribution for the next major BE release. I didn’t know they were also doing the open source version as well.

That is what I was thinking it was. Hence keeping it quiet. :wink:

I have a another box to build soon so I will download it and try it.