n00b: Linux Distro & Asterisk

*** this is NOT a troll ***

My experience with non-Windows OSs is limited to Slackware and FreeBSD (anyone familiar with the two can probably figure out why).

My actual question is what do other people use or perceive as being used for the majority of Asterisk installs? I’ve seen some references to Fedora and the seperate BSD and Sun forum sections.

Can anyone shed some light on using Asterisk on RHEL, Suse, Ubuntu, etc., etc.? Has it really mattered what distro you use?

I’m really not looking for zealotry…just experiences with device recognition, compile issues, and general experience stuff. If I’m going to tinker I’m at least going to start by NOT going down any dead-end paths!

Thanks for your thoughts and ANY feedback is appreciated.


ive tried installing it on CENTOS and fedora core 5
just had to install basic GCC compliler and some minor packages searching google and installing with "yum install "

other then that it works really well
i had a hard time at first with learning how to install the gui itself but i found a site with howto on that


good luck sir

Fedora Core 5 here… tempted to move to 6… but staying put.

Don’t expect to get it working on the first try… its a bit of a beast at first.

3rd times the charm… and its a sweet system when and if you get it running.

Free PBX helps with the set up of an Asterisk System… but keep in mind that means Free PBX is running the show… to a point.


The custom apps allow the “no limits” on asterisk to take place… which is where you begin in the first place without anything BUT asterisk. (hope that makes sense)

Free PBX allowed me to at least get a halfhazard idea of how to manage asterisk via GUI.

But keep in mind I also had asterisk books… and alot of time reading and probing the internet.

YUM is your friend 75 to 90% of the time… the rest… google and company.

If you want easy with the least amount of tweak’n
then use centos server
If you are looking to add FREEPBX then do the install based on that

aussievoip.com/wiki/index.ph … PBX-Centos

save the headache’s of other versions for later when you get some time under your belt.

You can use the guide and be up and running in a afternoon

Hello, I successfully installed and run * on Suse 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2 and I found just a little problem, related to the zaptel device file creation, when loading the zaptel kernel module; don’t be worried though, a Google search will let you know hot to solve this, if the error shows.


Marco Bruni

with distro Fedora5 , i cant install zaptel kernel module … i am a newbie when use Linux.

i try RHEL4 and complete install it.

with FC5 ,everyone know debug error when install packet Zaptel (# make linux26 )

I use both Centos/Redhat and Slackware with Asterisk, works great in both. But i prefer Slackware with 2.6 kernel for it’s lightness. I have made about a hundred installations in Slackware 10.2 and 11 with FreePBX and i have no issues, a part some Asterisk bugs.

yeah installing Zaptel in FC5 took a little fancy foot work… biggest issue was making sure the correct source library for the kernel your using was present.

Otherwise youd run into alot of headaches.