GUI Comparisons

Hi there

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I’m wondering if anyone can give me a clarification on the various gui’s for asterisk. For a while I was using freepbx but it seemed to crash randomly and eventually I just couldn’t get it back up and running, so for all intents and purposes I will now be starting my PBX from scratch. I use an ubuntu linux VPS and this is not changeable at the moment, so ISO installs are out of the question unfortunately.

I have heard of various things, freepbx, asterisk-gui, asterisk gui, amp, asterisk manager, elastix, trixbox, asterisk@home, asterisknow and am now utterly bewildered by it all.

I assume some of these can be struck through right away as they are ISO installs but apart from that, can anyone tell me how these are different? Are any of them bundled with the asterisk I would get from the ubuntu repository?

Many thanks