Possibilities of Transferring a call to an extern number?


My name is Thomas, I’m new in this forum.

For my job, I would like to authorize my coworkers to tranfer their calls to external numbers while they’re on the phone.

I explain my needs :

Somebody’s calling me and this person wants to talk with a manager.
The manager isn’t at the office at this time, I want to transfer this call to his cell phone.

Is it possible, with a key like * or # or “R”, to type the number I want to transfer the call to, and effectively transfer this call to this manager ?

I’m searching and searching without finding any clues about this particular problem.

Thanks in advance for reading and answering.

PS : I’m using Asterisk 1.8

Yes. Your problem should be finding too many options, rather than not being unable to find anything.

Are you using dahdi or are you using SIP? In the latter case, do the SIP phones support SIP transfers (you would expect them to do so except for loss leader soft phones)?

Thanks for answering quickly :wink:

We’re using SIP and the phones we’re using are these ones :

There is a “R” key wich permits the person to transfer the call (I’ve got nearly the same at home and i can do that).

So it’s possible ? How can I configure that ? with “t” and “T” options ? Or with another specific way ?

R has no meaning in SIP. Chances are that this question is one about the phone, not Asterisk. You can always use the features.conf method, of course.

I use an a580 with asterisk. If you make sure the Transfer Call by On-Hook is set to yes on the advanced menu. When a call comes in you just choose menu, external and dial the phone number to transfer the call to


Look under telephony->Advanced Settings, in the phone’s settings and you should see:

Call Transfer
Use the R key to initiate call transfer with the SIP Refer method.: 	Yes    No 

Thanks to all of you.

I’ll try this :wink:

Problem solved !