Transferring inbound call


Using Asterisk 1.2

Trying to forward an inbound call to a specific destination to a toll free number. I have searched and search, looked at the documentation… Trying to think of a way I can do this. Here is what I have so far:

exten => 2090,1,Transfer(18664444444|${TIMEOUT}|Rg)


exten => 2090,1,Dial(18664444444@Trunk|${TIMEOUT}|R)

The inbound number is not set up as sip, iax2, or zap. It is set up as an IVR but now the IVR is located on a different box with the tollfree number. Any help would be much appreciated thanks! Sorry if you need more detail just ask and I will provide.

For Transfer, the argument needs to be an address in the form understood by upstream system; for SIP, it is passed literally to that system. The only possible option for Transfer is j. There is no timeout field. A successful transfer is immediate and takes Asterisk completely out of the call.

For Dial, it should work if the Dial parameters work for a normal outbound call, but you could also use Goto into the normal outbound call context.

What does “R” do? It is not documented for Asterisk 1.4 or 1.6. Only “r” is documented.

Thank you for your time David!

The R is some custom arguments for some integrated inbound software.

exten => 2090,1,Dial(18664444444@Trunk|j)

Like the above example? Or should I use Goto?

exten => 2090,1,Goto(TollFree,j) ?

I just get a busy signal.

The Dial options were OK, except for the R. You need a timeout or placeholder for it. j may be the only possible option for Transfer, but you only use it if you need it for your dialplan.

By Goto, I meant something like Goto(internal|918664444444|1) where internal is your context for locally originated calls and 9 is the trunk access digit for that trunk for such calls.

I’m not sure how they would correlate an incoming and outgoing call, but the service provider may well not permit what you are trying to do.