Call forward to real phone

Hello guys.
I am not sure if I can do it that using asterisk but that is what I want to do.

When a SIP user answer one call that user can transfer to other SIP user with no problems. But and if the SIP user wanna do that but instead of transfer to a SIP user he wanna transfer to a real phone or cellphone?

Like I got the call and I wanna transfer to my friend’s cellphone, soo in the middle of the call I can press #XX (xx it is a random number I can set), and them the phone I wanna transfers.

That is possible?


Did you mean:

When a SIP user answer one call, that user can transfer to another SIP user with no problems, but if, instead, the SIP user wants to transfer to a PSTN phone or cellphone, can they do that?[/quote]

Asterisk transfers to extensions, not to phones. An extension can dial using any technology supported by the hardware and installed drivers, or may not dial at all (e.g. voicemail, park a call, retrieve a parked call). You will need some way of accessing the external network, e.g. via an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) or by the use of PSTN (analogue or ISDN), or cellular (e.g. a GSM dongle).

Reading between the lines, you may have been confused because you made the SIP device names them same as the extension numbers you used to access them. That is considered by security practice.

Note that “wanna” is slang and, as it is a contraction "wanna do that " would normally be, further, contracted to just “wanna”. It is not a word you should use in a technical context.

Sorry about the english, it’s my second language and I made some mistakes sometimes.

I know I can forward the calls to real phones before any sip user answer the call just doing a “Dial” in the extensions. It’s impossible to do so after the call already is taken for someone?

No difference. Transfers are to extensions and Asterisk is a back to back user agent.

No they are not.
I just got it. If I use the # key and give a number it calls and transfer the call to the number.

Some one needs to learn the terminology, as David said the is no difference. In asterisk you don’t transfer to DEVICES but EXTENSIONS.

Device is a hardware(like a IP Phone from Yealink) or Software(Like Zoiper softphone) piece.
Extensions are the logic contained in your dialplan(extensions.conf). For example you can dial the extension *123123 and that will dial the device belonging to Support:

exten => *123123,1,Dial(SIP/support,30,TtXx)