hi to all
i want to make a portal for asterisk,would any one suggest that what programming language should i adopt for it so that i can cover it in a minimum time span …waiting

[quote=“dosti”] …waiting[/quote] well we wouldn’t be expecting you to work this out for yourself now would we ??

what language ? whatever language you as the developer thinks is appropriate for the “portal” (what is that anyway ?) you are thinking of creating.

sir its just like as in asterisk@home u get a remote web based gui…so that while sitting on a remote terminal u can make ur extentions etc,its a raw idea in my mind i know nothing about its implementation…

the same applies. you make the choice, and you factor in your skills and knowledge, what support exists for you and what others have done.

FreePBX/AMP is mostly PHP i think, with some perl stuff in for good measure. if you know nothing about it, that mix is as good a place as any to start.

but first, go to the wiki (voip-info.org) search for “Asterisk GUI” and check out what’s already available.


It is really up to you. Asking “what language should I use” is a lot like asking, “I want to cook something, what ingredient(s) should I use?” It really depends on what you’re used to eating, what you’re best at cooking, and what you’d like to eat.

You may find you’d be leveraging multiple languages in writing such a thing.

Java and Perl have tremendous facilities for writing Web applications and both have great libraries you can use (ie asterisk-java and the Perl library). However, much of Asterisk is written in C, so you may find yourself writing a wrapper for a piece of internal Asterisk code that facilitates you reaching your end goal.

So long as your end result works well, few will gripe about what language choices you made in writing it.

my only suggestions would be as follows:

  1. simple and functional interface - don’t make it flashy, make it WORK!

  2. do NOT lock the end user into using specific formatting and layouts if you can, or if you must, be as flexible as possible. nothing irks me more than having to rewrite my entire dialplan around someone else’s framework…your configuration parser should be designed intelligently enough to recognize the major patterns within asterisk and display the data appropriately.

  3. multilingual would be killer

good luck, keep us posted on your progress