Asterisk Web Interface

Hello everyone

I have a project on developping a customized web based interface of managing Asterisk, this interface should be as simple as possible ( unlike FreePBX ) and throught it we can add/remove SIP/IAX accounts and trunks and some other basic functionnalities like (Conferences, groups…)

I ve been searching a lot in internet and i did not find a tuto or a document that explain how to do so and from where to start

PS: i have knowledge in development (PHP,Mysql…) and i know about AGI and real time architecture ARA


The source code of FreePBX (or Asterisk GUI), although most, or all, of the building blocks should be described at

This was the wrong forum.

If you already knows how ARA works you dont need a tuto. You never will find a step by step guide to build a very custom GUI for a custom program.

My advise for you is: learn how ARA works, integrate it with some database supported by asterisk and start the PHP coding by yourself for add those settings that you want, otherwise you will need consulting from another people.