Polycom IP500 does not save changes made via web interface

I updated my Polycom 500 to bootrom 2.6.1 and sip 1.6.2 and things
seem to be working. The biggest thing that is not working is any
change via the web browser is not saved. I have to make changes via the
sip.cfg, phone1.cfg, etc. type files. I can access the phone via the web
and click all the buttons I want, but when I click “Submit” the changes
are not saved and the phone does not auto reboot like it used to. If I
go back to that web page, the settings are back to what they were. I can’t find any error messages either.

  • Gary

Did you look at file permissions on your ftp server?

I’m using tftp server on the asterisk box. I changed the perms for the /tftpboot directory to 777 to make sure that was not an issue. There must still be an issue tho because the log files from the phone never appear either. What else can I check?

There’s a weird “bug” in the IP500 that won’t let you save anything until you do a “reset to factory” and “reset to defaults” after you do a SIP conversion.

Do both of those, re-configure, and then it should save your changes for you.

Thanks!! It appears that did it.