Polycom firmware for many models

Salvete! I have a LAN network running Asterisk 1.2 (I know we are behind here; I am working on an upgrade) with different polycom phones. We have IP430, IP601, IP650, IP5000 and IP7000. I want them all to have the latest firmware, but am having a little trouble trying to get the firmware for all the models into the same ftp directory.

I figured that I can rename the sip.ld and sip.cfg for the 430 and note that in the macxxxxx.cfg file for each phone. Then I do the same for the other models.

But when it comes to the IP5000, IP7000 and IP650, it seems that I need to “upgrade” the bootrom with a set of bootrom.ld files named like this: 2345-12360-001.bootrom.ld - So I put those in the ftp directory too, and reboot the IP5000. It says it was not able to update configuration, so it falls back to its default built-in version of I can’t get it to update to 4.0.1b (the latest according to downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip … atrix.html. I see in the sample phone.cfg file that there is an entry to denote the location of polycomConfig.xsd. What is that? I see the sample one.

Finally, can I put some files into subdirectories? For example, the xsd file - can I put it in “config-UC4.0.1B\polycomConfig.xsd” and expect the phone to find it?

Thanks for y’all’s help here!

I find your question more polycom related and not really asterisk related.
Maybe you can try a Polycom-forum?

Hello BGM,

please check this document here:

supportdocs.polycom.com/PolycomS … B35311.pdf

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Steffen Baier

Salvete, fellows! Good polycom forums seem hard to come by. If there was a polycom board here at Asterisk.org, I would post in it, instead.

Thanks, Steffen, for the link. I am still stuck, however. Please look at my post on StackExchange: superuser.com/questions/422505/h … 6-to-4-0-1

And where do I put the polycomConfig.xsd file? What does it do?

Okay - figured it out. I put the 4.3.0 Bootrom in the ftp directory (it would not work with the 4.4.0 Bootrom). Then I also put the files for UC Software 3.3.2. Apparently, I was not able to go directly from 3.2.6 to 4.0.1. But I was able to go from 3.2.6 to 3.3.2 to 4.0.1.

So I judge that it is a matter of the right order of upgrading. It does say that in the manuals, but there are so many different versions of everything out there, and so many pdfs to read it is hard to decipher.

To upgrade, you don’t have to do much. In the newer versions, they don’t call it BootRom anymore - they call it Upgrader. You put the new “upgrader” files in the polycom ftp directory. That’s it.

The upgrade consists in the phone updating its own “brain” files that are kept inside itself. For the upgrade process, the phones do not boot from that - they boot from their regular sip configurations. After that, they check to see if any upgrader files are present, and then they load those too. Once those are loaded into the phone, you don’t need the upgrader files any more unless you need to upgrade other phones.

Hope that helps a little bit!

the upgrade process depends on the Phone Model as older SPIP601 for example can only run a certain Version.

You can just have 1 directory for all phones, older phones will attempt to load the BootROM/ Upgrader but just discard it.

In order to the sip.ld just use the prepared field in he 000000000000.cfg :

<APPLICATION_SPIP601 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP601=“sip_318.ld” CONFIG_FILES_SPIP601=“phone1_318.cfg, sip_318.cfg”/>

Any Phone using UCS 3.3.x and upwards does no longer use the sip.cfg or phone1.cfg and will either manually convert your files or utility the cfcUtility that comes with the UCS Download.

We have an official Forum at community.polycom.com



Steffan, thanks for answering, and for the community link. I read that about the 000000000000.cfg, but I couldn’t find any documentation anywhere about configuring specific settings for particular phones. If I remove their .cfg, then where do I configure for example, the msg settings for each phone, each of which are different? If, in 000000000000.cfg, I refer to phone_1.cfg, then all those phones will get the same msg settings, won’t they?

Well, after Mr. Baier’s patient help, I am nearly there.

If anyone is still following this post, I asked a similar question on polycom’s forum at: community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP/IP … alse#M2110

I haven’t gotten the issue solved yet, but it seems close. I just can’t seem to find enough clear information about the configuration files and their layouts. Sure, there is lots of “documentation” - but most of it is difficult, full of specifications, and not user friendly.

Here is a nice list of documents to read:
[FAQ] Can I use substitutions when provisioning my Phones?
[FAQ] Supporting a mix of legacy SIP and UCS Phones on the same provisioning server
[FAQ] Can I register my Polycom Phone with a “XYZ” SIP Server?
[FAQ] Can I use substitutions when provisioning my Phones?
[FAQ] Supporting a mix of legacy SIP and UCS Phones on the same provisioning server
If you are interested, please take a look at my post over there. I left off with these questions:
[li]Do I create a .cfg file for my uc software phones too?
[/li][li]Do I put an entry in 000000000000.cfg for the 3111-40000-001.sip.ld that the ip7000 uses?
[/li][li]How do the uc devices get a config?
[/li][li]Does the ip7000 need a sip.cfg?
[/li][li]Is it okay not to have a file called sip.cfg in the ftp folder?
[/li][li]Is the “Config” folder only to hold the samples, or do the uc devices use this directory (I don’t see any config references to the directory)?[/li][/ul]