Polycom 501 losing SIP registration on "sip reload&quot

I’m running a new Asterisk box with a couple of Polycom 501’s (different firmware revs) connected via SIP.

When I reload SIP on Asterisk, my phones lose there registration and stay un-registered until I manually reboot the phone. Once rebooted they register just fine.

I’m new to this and may be missing something basic, but I’ve searched around and haven’t found any info.

I’m hoping someone here might have some insight.

One last thing, the Polycoms have an icon in the top left corner indicating registered status. The icon appears as registered at all times…


What SIP firmware version do you have? We’re using 301,501 and 601 Polycom phones. I don’t think I’ve seen this behaviour. I do ‘reloads’ on asterisk many many times a day. If you can tell me the SIP version number, I’ll take a look tomorrow and see what we’re using. At least I might be able to tell you if it doesn’t happen on another firmware version.

Oh, also I’ve found that even if an appearance on a polycom phone loses registration, the mere act of trying to reach asterisk from the phone, or the phone from asterisk seems to make it re-register. Not quite sure how that works, but it’s pretty neat.

Try running ngrep on the Asterisk box too. It’s an awesome tool for debugging SIP packets.

ngrep port 5060
ngrep -W byline port 5060
is more readable.

Solved my problem.

I was mistakenly running the ‘head’ version rather than stable…

Apparently it was a bug that appeared for awhile in head.