Plz Help

Hello All Asterisk experts
i need help with the asterisk system
i’m new with asterisk and i want to connect the asterisk system to Nortel BCM.
can any one guide me how to make that.

Thanks alot and Best Regards for all

First things first. what do you want the Nortel and Asterisk to actually do? How do you want to ‘connect’ them? We are going to need a bit more detail.


Dear Raffles…
in the first i want to thank you for your quick reply.
i have a Nortel BCM 400 configured and running well.
now i want to setup asterisk as stand alone PBX system and make nortel phones call asterisk phones and vice versa.
because i will use asterisk as the pbx system for new site of my company.

Thanks alot for your cooperation.

You should make a trunk line between the 2 devices. … s-together

Might not be exactly the same for your situation. but you might get a idea of how to achieve it.

what it does is making a trunk between your 2 boxes and it makes an dial plan for the numbers on the other box to be sent over the trunk to the 2nd box.

Again, this all depends on how you want to ‘connect’ them. I presume you are going to use some sort of trunk. Now what sort of trunk are you going to use?

Are you going to use SIP or ISDN (don’t try this with analogue) or something else?

One thing I would make sure of is that the extension number ranges on both systems a very different - makes routing a lot easier.