Nortel vs Asterisk ( Help )

Hello All
Please can you help me
I have a Nortel PBX BCM50 with 25 internal extensions
and 2 Landline Trunks and 2 GSM trunks
and I have Asterisk PBX
I wonder if i could use soft phone based on Asterisk PBX
and dial Internal Extension using Nortel PBX
i.e connect out Nortel PBX to Asterisk PBX
and use its Internal and External Lines to use them by softphones

Thanks in advance

You would need to have the capability to add SIP or H323 trunks to your Nortel. If you can set up a new IP trunk on the Nortel you should be able to route calls between the PBXs and use the outside lines on the Nortel from an Asterisk client phone.

Setting up a SIP trunk would be easiest.

On Asterisk you would need to setup something similar to this:


port=1720 (or whatever else you define on your other pbx)

Not sure what the configuration would look line on the Nortel. But you need a SIP trunk pointing to the ip address of your Asterisk server.

Note: this just establishes the connection you still need to define how calls are routed in your extensions.conf file.

Thank you very much for your quick help and support
i will modify sip.conf and tell you what happens next

Thanks in Advance

You can setup an Asterisk server as a media gateway and connect the outgoing pstn trunks of the Nortel PBX to the Asterisk box instead of the “wall outlet” and route the inbound and outbound calls through the Asterisk box. This way you don’t need Nortel investments and create a good starting point to take the benifits of an Asterisk solution without throwing away invenstments done in the past.

Making internal phonecalls from Nortel phones and Asterisk phones needs clever routing rules both in the Asterisk box as in the Nortel box but that can be done (assuming that routing rules can also be set in the Nortel PBX). It might be clever to also connect the gsm gateway to the Asterisk box so all incoming and outgoing calls are logged in the loggings of the Asterisk server.