Getting started

I want to get started with Astrisk. We currently have a Nortel PBX Option 11. Would it be feasable to connect the Asterisk box to the Nortel and route calls to a single extension over to the Asterisk box for testing?

I will want to move off of the Nortel slowly so I hope to be able to do this. Is this going to be doable?


definitely possible.

Definately possible. You could use analogue lines to connect the Meridian to the Asterisk box (or ISDN if you have it). You will need an interface board in the Asterisk server. It will be a lot cheaper than upgrading the a Nortel CS1000 - I am working on one of these upgrades at the moment (but would definately prefer to put Asterisk in instead)!

Hi what are the lines on the meridian ?

Basicly you have to intercept the incoming lines BEFORE they go to the Nortel.
The reason for this is that you will not need to make major changes to the Nortel when you migrate users. and finally the Nortel will wither and die with no users on it and it can simply be turned off.
I have used this method of migration with Asterisk and many other systems from 20 - 3000+ extensions over many years and always without issue.
DO NOT connect the Asterisk system after the Nortel IE to extensions or a spare ISDN trunk. The main reason for this is it means as number are to be migrated changes need to be made each time to the system and finally when the Nortel has no extensions you have to remove it from the middle which can be prone to issues.



I have 3 T1 PRIs coming into the Nortel. How would I intercept the calls before entering the Nortel? Also how would I accomplish 4 digit dialing internally if I do not connect the two systems.

I am planning on migrating over a period of 2 years. During that time I will have to use internal 4 digit dialing.