Please Recomend any reliable and Cheap SIP/IAX providers?

I’m currently comparing SIP providers and would like to know which ones are cheap and good?

We currently have a standard 4 channel account with Voicepulse (up to 0.019 cent per minute) but would like to add more channels from many another reliable provider. I looked at possibly going with the BraudVoice unlimited business plan but the 88$ activation fee for only 2 channels didn’t make much since…

Our estimated usage is as follows:

8400 minutes per month at 420 minutes per day…

On VoicePulse that puts me at about 159.00$ monthly… Do you guys recommend anything or anyone else?

reliable and Cheap do not go together

VoIP is a low profit business Voicepulse / IAX channels are the best bet’s that I have seen

BroadVoice is a joke!!!

I’ve been using Axvoice for a couple of months now without any problems.

Obviously something must be wrong with braudvoice as this has got to be like the 3rd time I’ve heard negative things about them. … 0000096312

66 complaints with the BBB in the past 3 years.

IMHO, BV is fine, they’ve done okay for a few people I know, adn they managed to port out my Vonage number.

another vote for vp connect, they are great

//edit to clarify- i mean for residential. I don’t think I’d use bv for business because of th emany reported issues.

I wouldnt touch broadvoice with a 10 foot pole. I had them and the call quality was horrible. Half the time the DTMF didnt even work.

As far as what companies to use I personally mix and match diffrent providers. I use MyPhoneCompany ( for outbound.

You are quite right to shop around. One of the many great things about Asterisk is that you can setup trunks to connect to a number of different providers. I use sipdiscount for some calls, for others, and voiptalk! If you are making calls to many different locations it can be cheaper to use one provider for mobile, one for local/national, and if you call to international numbers a lot then you may choose to use a third provider for different countries dependent on who is cheapest.