VoIP Provider Suggestions?

Can anyone suggest a VoIP provider that supports Asterisk and residential users in the USA?
I am using VoIPVoIP at the moment and have had a reasonable amount of success - except that the caller ID text field seems not to work for inbound calls, and they seem not to be able to change the text returned on a dip when I make outbound calls!
My wife will not accept a phone solution without working caller ID because we get so many unsolicited phone calls (even with a DNC listing).
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance

I have had good success with bandwidth.com i believe you can get a single trunk (1 line) for like $20/mo.

Edit: calls are 1.2c not 0.012c–sorry.

I have been looking for a while–there are a lot of crappy services out there. My opinion, stay away from voip.com, they defrauded me.

I just signed up with vitelity.com the sound quality is good (but they are local to me, so ymmv.)

Why did I sign with them? Support for asterix (IAX or SIP), unlimited in/out trunks for pay per minute lines, DID 1.95/mo. Calls are 1.2 cents/minute–no crazy rounding. Signup is $35, but that goes towards call credit, so really signup is free. And they allow outbound CID. Instant online provisioning.

They don’t provide devices, just service.

60 day money back guarantee. It works well, they are helpful when you call, and they have a good deal. Perhaps too good to be true?

Teliax and voipjet have been good to many asterisk users. Voipjet is cheaper and does not have good support. Teliax is a bit more expensive but you get your bang for your buck.