n00b: What R my options for SIP/IAX-based VoIP provider?

Pleaz bear w/ me as I’m new to Asterisk…

Preferably, I’m looking for a VoIP Provider/Gateway to PSTN via SIP/IAX (without the use of an ATA-type device) AND offers 800 Toll-Free.

My goal:
To save $$$ by not having 2 buy any FXO or FXS or Gateway devices… by avoiding the seemingly widespread use of Digital > Analog conversion only to convert it back from Analog > Digital.

The only two choices I’ve found are BroadVoice BYOD & VoicePulse Connect. Unfortunately, VoicePulse doesn’t offer 800 Toll-Free which leaves me only w/ BroadVoice who seems to have some reliability problems? On top of that, but when I called them to ask a coup Q’s… they said that the BYOD Lite ($5.95) is only available to residential & as a business I’d have no choice but to do the BYOD Unlimited business ($29.95) which is significantly more Xpensive.

SOoooooooooooooo… are there any other providers to choose from, should I just take a chance and register the BYOD Lite online & hope they don’t call to see if I’m a business, or should I just say screw it & go w/ the more Xpensive and not-so-elegant a setup as an ATA conversion w/ Vonage or something?

Whatever is a n00b 2 do?!? Your help is appreciated!

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I’m also interested in this. I’m currently looking for a provider for a small office of 12 people.


Well Im not sure on there pricing but I use a company called Netlogic there HQ is in Stlouis MO I do Long distance termination threw them using IAX . I know they offer a lot over differnet things but I just needed LD I got it for .015 a minute but I did have to commit to at least $200 a month witht them.

Wow, Been shopping for providers too, there doesn’t seem to be much choice for byod service!! this thread has been here since August ?!

800 would be nice but not too important to me. I’ve been looking for a byod provider that supports IAX and has an unlimited (or high number of minutes included) plan. So far the only viable one seems to be teliax (www.teliax.com)… There has got to be more… anyone?

It’s worth mentioning that BroadVoice’s Business service (and probably their residential as well) gives you two simultaneous phone calls per account with Asterisk thanks to their crappy Call Waiting setup. I told them but they don’t seem to care that people can make or receive two calls on each account. $30/month isn’t too bad for unlimited calls on two lines.

Teliax advertises that! They openly tell you on residential accounts they allow 2 Simultaneous Calls, on the business plan 4 :smile:

Broadvoice doesn’t support IAX as far as I know… Another one that supports IAX and BYOD is Mix networks, Anyone has any experience with them?