Basic VoIP providers?


Can anyone recommend a basic USA VoIP provider that will work directly with a standard IP phone from the likes of Linksys, etc.

Flat rate is nice, but not strictly necessary right now… just paying a couple of cents a minute is fine.

I don’t plan to use it much now, but in a few moths I’d like to add a couple of lines and try installing Asterisk. (I don’t mind switching VoIP providers then…)

Thank you,


Have a look at and they are fine for domestic use (via an Asterisk server). They provide instructions for setting up various devices to use with their service and there are many destinations where calls are free. (per minute) (unlimited) (per minute)

There is also but they with IAX only (from the last time that I used them).

My current favorites and what/why are:
Toll free inbound .50/number 1.9/min and 1.3/min flat out.
For me, paying per min with a toll free DID costs less than anything else because we don’t use the phone as much as we think.
FlexRate - with asterisk, less than 1 cent to many destinations
FREE - inbound DID
Large sip to sip network

I like QuantumVoice the best. Good pricing and solid sound.