PLEASE PLEASE HELP, Connecting to Asterisk from outside


I’m kinda new to asterisk however I was successful in running and testing asterisk.
I have to note that I was able to make in-network connections between several computers on a network using asterisk and x-lite.

Following is my question:
I do have a static IP. When I try to connect to the asterisk server from another network(lets say a wifi network other than my network), the x-lite shows that it’s unable to make communication with the server. Let me also note that I have opened and forwarded port 5060 to the computer with the asterisk server on it. In other words, in my router settings I’ve set this port to forward to the asterisk’s server IP address and I do have a ststaic IP address as my domain name. As a result I’m not able to access the asterisk server and other computers(or telephones) from outside.

I was wondering if anyone can help. I also have to note that I do have access to my VPN server without any problem from outside, so I know that I can access my IP address from outside wothout a problem. Also, when using the same domain name when I’m connected inside my network I can access all the computers and phones through x-lite.

I appreciate it if someone can help me.


When using sip you also have to open rtp ports 10.000 to 20.000 (default in Asterisk) It is easier to use iax2 softphone like Idefisk, the you only have to open port 4569. Just open port 4569 and portforward it to the asterisk server, add some entries and configure Idefisk

My suggestion is to google on “sip nat traversal” and “IAX2” This will bring lots of info in reach.

Hi, I have the following problem like yours. I use Audiocodes VoIP FXO gateway for to integrate AsteriskNow with the existing PSTN network. Now, the first problem, which I found is that I cannot define Incoming call’s rules. After when I finished any definition and made saving and applying, definition disappeared from the screen immediately after screen refreshing. Any way network sniftering shows, that I get 403 Forbidden code for each incoming call. From another side outgoing calling works perfect and Audiocodes gateway ports registered.
May be somebody can route me to the correspond configuration file, where incoming call’s rules has to be described.