X-lite and Asterisk Server on Router

Hi All,

I have an asterisk server( connected to a router and a X-lite client on connected to the same router (

I can make calls from within the router world. But if I change the domain in X-lite to be the router IP address and then in my router forward 5000-7000 for sip and 8000-20000 for rtp and then change rtp.conf to reflect that, I do not see any packets coming in.

I see a SIP REGISTER message going from and getting to my router IP address (75.3.x.xx) and then i get a OCM Destination unreachable (Port unreachagle) from the extenal IP address.

Also If i run ethereal on the asterisk machine, i do not see any packets. so it is just being rejected.

Any help is appreciated as i am stuck here for week now.


firstly, why (tf) would you want to do this ? unless you’re trying to prove SIP access from outside “router world”

i would suspect that your router is going to not route packets in this way as a form of anti-spoofing protection.


You said it Exactly. I want to prove that this will work from the outside world and hence I want to try sending packets to the router IP and expect it to be re-routed back. If my assumption is wrong, I will try it from another X-lite client outside of the network.

typical anti-spoofing measure. check with your router manufacturer. my firewall certainly exhibits this behaviour and for good reason.

try again with a true outside client. if you’ve set your firewall portforwards correctly you won’t have any trouble.