Problem access my server from outside connection


I have just installed asterisknow and got it working internal on my LAN at home. I have tested it with a soft phone on the pc and my nokia n95 cell phone and I can make calls between them.

When I tried with my cell phone from an external internet connection the phone indicates that it’s registered with the asterisk server, but when I’m trying to make a call to a local extension on the server it won’t work. I hear nothing in the phone and after a while the call gets disconnected.

The server is behind a NAT so I have tried to open port 5060 and forward it to the internal ip of the asterisk server, but the only thing that is working is to register the phone. Do I need to open and forward some more ports? Or is there something else I have missed?


have you forwarded RTP packets to your * box??? RTP is your actual voice media…Hope this helps.

RTP ports are defined in /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf

default is 10000-20000.

no need to open all 10,000 ports. 20 or 25 ports is more than enough for a small environment.

I got a little bit further.
If a client (softphone) inside the nat connects to *box and a client (softphone) connects to the *box. They can communicate and make calls to each outer.

The outside softphone can here the inside softphone but not the outher way arround. What can causing this problem ?

i got it working.
Had to add my own externa ip adress in the sip.conf file and after that it’s working

Uh! Could you tell me where did you add it?

Juste added in the file so it now looks like this


Where xxx is my external ip adress and yyy is the internat adress

Ah ok…i see thank you…