Please Help

Hello all,

I am a new user for Asterisk.

I am trying the Asterisk in Window’s 2000 Operating System. My system configuration is,
40 GB HDD, 256 MB RAM. I suppose this configuration helps in running the Asterisk.

I have installed the Asterisk win 32, version 2. I have not installed zaptel.
I am trying to run asterisk using VISIONTECH 81 G GSM Modem. (This modem needs a SIM Card to be inserted).
I have connected the PSTN line to this modem and I have also connected this modem to my system (Using RS 232 Cable). Then I tried to run Asterisk. I am getting the Asterisk welcome message properly. But I can not recieve calls or can dial other no.

Later I used Basic Dialplan. i.e, on an incoming call, the asterisk should attend the call and should echo my voice. This also didnt work.

I made some experiments with extensions.conf, then I realised that Asterisk is not at all recognizing my modem.

So my doubts are,

Am I in right way in using the asterisk?
Shall I use VISIONTECH Modem, or I need to use TDM400P card only?

I am sorry if my doubts are very basic.

Thank you in advance,


i think you’re going to get much better results from asking other users of this “Asterisk on Windows” package. it’s probably fairly safe to say that the vast majority of the posters here have no interest in doing the same, and therefore can’t help.

to answer your questions in some way … you need a recognised modem/FXO interface to use Asterisk and an appropriate channel drivers. without these, you can’t use telephone lines in or out. your GSM gateway will require an FXO interface in your Asterisk server.

if you have doubts now … i can’t see it getting any better on your platform. can i ask why you’re not wanting to use Linux ?

Dear baconbuttie,

Thanks for Your Reply. I will try with “asterisk in Windows” package.
Personally, I do like Linux very much. And I do prefer Linux more than Windows. But our client wants us to try in windows.

One more thing, If I am not wrong in understanding your context, FXO interface is a must, right?
Any way thanks for your time.

With regds,


Tell you client to forget about Windows for Asterisk if they are serious about Asterisk for there business.

It will most likley turn into one big problem. There has only been a few releases of Asterisk win32 and little hardware support. Like you cannot use any of the Digium hardware. Maybe it will work if you only need pure VOIP no PSTN?

Hi bwilks,

Thakns for your time. One more thing, if I try Asterisk in Linux, is there is any need of any other Hardware.

With regards,