New Asterisk Installation help

Hi, i run IT for a small business and we have our business phone lines, then we have a single specific customer line, i would like to put a asterisk server on that customer line so that the first thing a customer hears is a option for directions or hours, or they can speak to a sales rep.

I am new to Asterisk, i have just watched the Systm episoide about it, so i have a few questions,
-first just for my one line setup, what would be the best hardware to use, and can i just use a basic modem or does that just not work.
-second is there a windows asterisk, because i have a computer running Ubuntu, but i get a “make command not recognized” when i try to install it using the terminal,

Thanks in advance any help would be much appreciated and our employees would be very happy not to have to give every other call directions to our location, which is my primary purpose for Asterisk.

I would get a Digium TDM01B. That would give you a single FXO port and the ablility to add more ports as needed (up to 4 total).

There is\was an asterisk port for windows but I would not recommend it.

The install error you are seeing is because make is not installed. I would suggest looking in the wiki for install instructions for your distro as you probably need a bunch of other pre-reqs installed as well.

Do you have a link to that TDM01B i haven’t been able to locate it, i am putting the latest version of ubuntu on my machine and i will follow the wiki, thanks.