Installing and using Asterisk on window XP


I m a person with limited comp knowledge.

I checked the forum for setting up Asterisk on win xp however they were quite technical.

I will be using a PC with a modem and a single phone line for a small institute and i want to setup a basic system which can be used to inform the caller about school timing etc. i really dont need calls transfer facility however a VM would be good.

Any help will be appreciated-

If you have such limited experience, the last thing you want to do is to set up Asterisk on Windows. You will get an obsolete, unsupported version, which will have features missing, and which few people will know anything about.

Whilst, with Asterisk, it is always advisable to have gained some experience with direct configuration, before using a GUI, the only real choice in your position is a pre-packaged Linux based Asterisk system.

If you must use an XP host, don’t bother with the Asterisk that was ported to it since it’s old and unsupported, and consider Freeswitch instead. To connect the PC to the phone line, get a Linksys 3102 or a Obi110.

Careful of giving the botnets a home.

+1. Telephony is too serious a subject to be left to Windows.