Please Help with Voicemail ... please

I know that this questions involves AsteriskNOW, but im sure that most of you have used it.

Im in a tight spot, i need to understaind this stuff, so i was wondering, please, help me out and try to explain to little old nub me.


I’ve been working with my AsteriskNOW box for about 3 weeks now and i’m still having a hard time trying to figure some stuff out

I’m using AsteriskNOW
internal network of
and some x-lite phones

now i have my x-lite users that I created WITH OUT THE GUI in

with my context of [internal] pointing to [internal] in extentions.conf

now i can more or less call fine between my two users i set up joe and bob with my x-lite phone

my problem lies when i try to use the GUI to add more extensions.

asteriskNOW uses /etc/asterisk/users.conf when you add new entries using the GUI not sip.conf

also they have a different [context] in users.conf, pointing to a different [context] in extentions.conf then the one i have

so i set up (with the GUI)

joe turner - 6001
guy - 4987
main menu - 0000

but when i try to dial any of them from my x-lite phone i get nothing?

also (and this would be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE) help, could someone please explain how the voicemail system on the GUI works? and how i could get it to work with x-lite

thanks guys soooooo much

Isnt there anyone who can help me out?

errr … i haven’t used AsteriskNOW … is that bad ? i also think this forum is a bit polarised, have you posted this to the AsteriskNOW forum ?

re your context issue, can’t you either adjust your sip.conf entries to match the GUI-created ones, or just include one context within the other ?

no idea on the VM, sorry. conf files, no problem.

yeah, most of the ppl here (including myself) are straight * people. GUIs like AMP/freepbx or AsteriskNOW are difficult for us because they make tons of changes to the config files, and if you want to fix it you have to know how to make it happen via the GUI. A handful of people here know Trixbox but AAH has its own forum which you will probably have better luck at :frowning: