Extensions Question

hey guys, I started playing with some of the .conf files and learning Asterisk is very exiting. I have 2 questions :smile:

  1. I added 2 users in the sip.conf that I can connect to but when I dial 6000 witch is the other user name, it does not connect to it, Do I have to modify anything in extensions.conf to get extensions to work?

  2. Does asterisk come with a mailbox, or do I have to set it up? if so what is the extension?

Thank You

first off, read the sticky at the top of the forum, then digest the free book. that’s got all the info you need at this point.

yes, you need to create entries (in an appropriate context) in extensions.conf to be able to dial anything.

mailbox … create one in voicemail.conf and link to it in the appropriate user entry in sip.conf. to send someone to voicemail, you’ll also need to include it in your dialplan in extensions.conf. to check voicemail, again, you’ll need an entry in the dialplan.