Newbie: internal extensions (softphones) alweaysunavailable?

Hi I’m a newbie and pretty chuffed with what I’ve achieved so far.

I have installed and got asterisknow running.

set up two extensions
6010 and 6011

Both can call the asterisk box

Both can access voicemail

Both can leave voice mail for each other

BUT they can’t call each other?!?!?

if they try to ring each other 6010 dials 6011 i get voice saying that person is unavailable…

Am I missing something very simple?

Any help graciously appreciated

Cheers, Andrew

if you put them both in the same context you need to have extension lines that connect them to each other

ie somewhere you must have something like

exten => 6010,1,Dial(SIP/6010)
exten => 6011,1,Dial(SIP/6011)

remember, asterisk sees a SIP peer (defined in sip.conf) and an extension (defined in extensions.conf) as two TOTALLY separate things.

Hi all. I have resolved this problem. originally I had KIAX softphone installed…

I have now moved to x-lite and the problem resolved itself.