Please help the NEW guy

I am new to LINUX and need some help getting my system going. I just installed AsteriskNOW and am able to log in to the FreePBX. I am a Broadvoice user. There is so much info out there I don’t know which way to go.

I would like to set the PBX to receive incoming calls from the Broadvoice # and then give the caller the ability to select extension # that could be a soft phone or a cell phone. Can someone help me get going on this? Your help is very appreciated.

Have you read this: ?


I guess I am a bit confused… This book does not cover FreePBX… Do I need to configure the system via Linux commands or do I use the web based tool FreePBX for all modifications?

Sorry, I failed to notice that you were using FreePBX - I can’t help you with that. If you’re starting from scratch though I would recommend just using Asterisk and editing the configuration files - you will learn much more!

You can configure freepbx to work with broadvoice, you need your username which is usually your number, and the password. If you dont have it you can get it from broadvoice, they are pretty good with working with asterisk. I am not familiar with freepbx, but you should be able to create a provider or something to connect to think) with your username and password, then once you are connected you should be able to configure calling rules for incoming and outgoing to do whatever you want.

Also I found this, it may help I didnt read it…