Asterisk and BroadVoice

Hi list:

I’m new to Asterisk and been trying to setup a asterisk box with my BroadVoice account using the AMP interface.

Not quite sure if I should config a SIP trunk or IAX2 trunk, but neither worked for me. The log showed Registration successful, but that’s as far as I could go. It didn’t pick up incoming calls.

Some said Asterisk doesn’t work with BroadVoice, but BroadVoice says it does. So if anyone could shed some lights or share past experience on similar issue, really appreciate.

thanx in advance.

Broadvoice works with asterisk. I have set it up on my pbx and used them in the past. I will however add that thier voice quality isnt the best. Several times DTMF tones werent going over. On Broadvoice’s web site they have the exact way to have asterisk to connect to the,.

Forgot to include the link (sorry - I a realllllllllll tirrrrrrrrrrred).

Here you go.

thanx Dovid, sorry for this too, cause u prabably have answered this million times already.

I followed that link, and a bit confused, there is no “from-broadvoice” context, should I create one? I added the “default” context in there, but no louck.

I think it should be something quite straightforward, something I just miss, but don’t know what it is.

I had the same problem that asterisk wouldn’t pickup incoming calls from broad voice. I did the following:
Edit the [from-sip-external] section of extension.conf and comment out whatever is there. change it to:

exten => _.,1,Goto(from-pstn-timecheck,s,1)

Hope that helps