Extremely new user

I know absolutely nothing about Linux and phones, and next to nothing about networking. I am working in a growing company and have been thrown into the I.T. position since I have a basic understanding of hardware.

I have installed asterisknow 13 on a computer and have it up and running. I would like to learn how to use it as soon as possible. Is reading the aaterisk book the fastest and most reliable way? I would like to be able to get our phones working by the end of the year.

Any and all input is welcome.

AsteriskNOW is an ISO that includes both Asterisk, the engine that powers the communication that occurs in the system, as well as FreePBX, a UI/system built on top of Asterisk.

If what you want to learn is how that system works “under the hood”, then Asterisk: The Definitive Guide along with the resources on the Asterisk wiki are a great place to start. A:TDG also includes some good overviews on SIP and telephony.

If what you want to learn is how to use FreePBX, then you should probably head over to their forums. The folks over there can point you in the right direction.


Thank you very much for you assistance! You just made my life that much easier!

hi i have 3 nos of IP phones grandstream we need to work these three phones as intercom in our office we have LAN IN OUR OFFICE WHAT I NEED to do more to fucntioning as above pls help

Assuming IP means SIP (or H.323, or another protocol supported by Asterisk),almost any current PC with an interface compatible with your LAN (although normally one with the standard AMD or Intel architectures, some people use Raspberry Pi’s), a basic knowledge of Unix/Linux operating systems, and a basic understanding of the contents of http://www.asteriskdocs.org/.

Alternatively, the money to pay for a consultant.

Depending on the IP phones in use, you may be able to configure them to set up calls directly between themselves, without any central PBX.