Please help new setup pstn pbx

Hi all, am reather new to pbx i’ve been always facinated by telephony system i wanted to learn more but form where i am there is no special courses on the matter.

I have recently opened a new store with 5 offices and i want to connect them together with a pbx.

I want to use asterisk or freepbx.

I have 1pstn line form my telco service provider.

I want to have a pbx and 5 extentions for my 5 staffs.

How can this be done please and what hardware do i need to connect all these together.

Am a beginner i am reading on sites how to do this but i want to ask the group here also.

Wrong forum! You really need to decide whether or not you are going to use a GUI, as that will determine the forum. However, before proceeding with the forums, you need to read the book at

Note that FreePBX is not an alternative to Asterisk; it is a GUI management interface for Asterisk. Like most GUIs, it will limit you to doing the things allowed by the GUI.