Asterix and VOIP newbie - Help Required Please!

Hi all,
I see some excellent opportunities for Asterix, bu I’m quite new to telephony and VOIP.

My main interest is to use Asterix for VOIP solutions between branch offices leaving the customers existing PBX as is for the time being. The only thing that is puzzling me at the moment is how and what equipment I would need to route calls between a customers existing PBX and an Asterix PBX sitting on their LAN.

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

thanks, :laughing:

I would say that would depend on what the pbx. How does it connect to the PSTN? is it pri,pots,other? Does it have room for more connections?

It was more of a generic question as I don’t know much about PBX technolgy. I’m trying to understand what hardware technology would lie between the two PBX’s.

thanks, :smiley:

Well the asterisk box will need to connect to the pbx somehow . once that is done you could setup asterisk to talk to each other over the net using IAX …
you moght want to look here plenty of ingo at this site