Please help for a newbie

Hi All, could you please help. I am a newbie on this matter, now I want to install a PBX for my office. I have a IBM PC PIV 3Gb, HDD 80Gb RAM 256… 03 Analog telephone lines (PSTN) and some Extensions.

I have no experience of Asterisk, please advice:

  • Is my PC able to ask as a PBX?
  • Is my PC able to plug additional cards?
  • Which Card should I need?
  • Which version of Asterisk should I have?
  • Where should I go to get information of configuration?

many thanks for your help!

Dang Van Phuc

I haven’t understand about your PC - but I think everything above 1 GHz should work well - especially if you don’t plane to use a lot of chanels.

You will need PCI slots to put your new digium card there.
I could suggest best for you is Wildcard TDM400P with 1 to 4 FXO (small red one) to connect to them PSTN line.
If you want to connect normal phone - you will need FXS (small green).

Thanks for your reply, I am intending to use an IBM PC A51… as * requirement, it should be OK.

Because I have no idear on this system, so as your suggestion, CO should connect to FXOs as trunk lines, and then FXSs are used for extensions, is it correct?

Best regards