Setting up Asterisk with FXO

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While I am not new to the PBX/VoIP scene, I am new to asterisk just discovering this earlier today. I am planning on implimenting an asterisk system in my office for my business to test and possibly deploy and or recommend to our clients. I have just downloaded version 1.3 and read the documentation about needing FXO and FXS pci cards. I have found several of the Wildcard X100P cards on eBay for cheap. Before I buy these, I noticed that they are FXO but don’t mention anything about FXS cards? Since my goal is to use internal VoIP but external analog phones, I assume I will need a new X100P card for each outside line I use? Do I need any FXS cards with that? Or is FXS supported in the X100P?

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Actually you found X100P clone cards, since Digium no longer produce them. X100P is a FXO card and doesn’t support FXS. If you’re using analog lines to the PSTN you’ll need one X100P for each line. You may also check the original Digium cards at

Thanks for the info. If I was to get one of the X100P clone cards ($9), what other hardware is needed?

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Basically what I’m trying to do is replicate what the AllWorx 10x does for one of my clients. Gives intraoffice VoIP but connections to standard analog telephone company lines at the NID on the side of the building.

Considering this PC I have set aside is a good 600mhz celeron and if I was able to get the FXO card for under 10 bucks, I’m just wondering what the limitations are with that. Or what I couldn’t be able to do vs getting the newest Digium wildcard available on their site. That 4 port one looks great, but right now it’s not a prioritity.

I’ve never used the X100P cards, but many users complain about echo while talking through the X100P.
Anyway I would suggest you getting an Asterisk Developer Kit for your tests (, but you can get a X100P - $9 is almost nothing and if you don’t like the sound quality - get the real one.
Here you can find more info about the X100P clones: … 0P%20clone