Play a "goodbye!" after transfer and after a confe

While I want my asterisk-setup be as user-friendly as possible I’ve been trying to accomplish thees two thing:

  • After a blind transfer has been completed, I want to play a message to the part that transfers the call. Right now he hears a “beep-beep-beep”… Is this possible? (I don’t want attended transfer becase I transfer them to another part of the dialplan that invokes the conferace below, and also asking some questions.)

  • After the marked user has left the conferace I want a message to be played back to the others in the conferace, before they are kicked. Right now they are just thrown out, and that seems a bit rought to me… I invoke the conferace with MeetMe(0001,Mwxq) for the users. Any idea?

and many thanks in advance
Johan Wilfer