Transfer - Acknowledgement Requested on Transfer (beep)

I’m on-site at the moment doing some testing and the boss of the place has just asked if there can be a beep inbetween the old call and the new call during a transfer.

I guess this is so there is a clear demarcation of when the call has been transferred.

Any ideas?

Something similar to an agent receiving a call from a queue with a beep would be great.


xfersound = beep ; to indicate an attended transfer is complete

in features.conf looks to be what I want, but nothing.

Doing a reload yields this

iPBX-dare*CLI> reload
    -- Reloading module '' (Call Features Resource)
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/features.conf': Found
  == Remapping feature Blind Transfer (blindxfer) to sequence '**'
  == Remapping feature Disconnect Call (disconnect) to sequence '*0'
  == Remapping feature One Touch Monitor (automon) to sequence '*1'
  == Registered Feature 'testfeature'
  == Mapping Feature 'testfeature' to app 'Playback' with code '#9'
    -- Added extension '70' priority 1 to parkedcalls

but I can’t see it loaded, and there is no beep :frowning:

That words if I’m using the atxfer feature of features.conf however, I want to use the transfer button on the telephone - which obviously handles things differently.

This is similar to call parking from the button on the phone or using DTMF tones.

I’m using SIP phones. Does this not work using the buttons on the phone becuase doing it this way is using SIP messages?