[Help] Play sound on successful attended transfer

When I do an attended transfer, there is no indication that the transfer is complete. As the active transfering party is no longer on the call, the connected parties just think they are both on hold until one of them sighs or sneezes. I tried adding this to features.conf:

xfersound = beep

But no luck.

I found 2 other people asking about this:

Is this something Asterisk simply can’t participate in, and needs to be addressed on the phones themselves? I’ve got Snom 320s but I see no way to configure this setting.

Any clues?


are you using Asterisk-blindxfer or the Transfer button on the phone ?

to be honest, i’ve never really registered whether the xferbeep works, but then i’ve also never accepted a transfered call and not said “hello”

We have the same trouble. In the features.conf file, I have set xfersound = beep, but to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be interested as well.


We’re using the transfer button on the phone…

But as regards your experience- When do you say “hello”? You receive a call from reception:

Rec: Hey BB, you have a call from Larry. Would you like to take it?
BB: Yeah, send him through!

Now, Reception has to press transfer, find the held call, and press the button for it. This takes an indeterminate, if brief, amount of time. How do you know when to say “hello”?

I mean, I am aware of this problem and I tend to just say hello after a couple of seconds, but some of my flakier users need an indication, and I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request!

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could happen?


Does no one else have any suggestions for this? It seems like if the transfer script just played a click sound after connecting the transfer it would solve the problem-- is there a way to change this script without re-compiling?


I have just tried using attended transfer on our system here, I called in using my mobile, answered on a sip extension, pressed 5 to do attended transfer, dialled another extension, announced the call and hung up.
There was definitely a beep on the extension I transferred to which signalled the transfer was complete.
I thought this was the case, but I couldn’t quite remember. If you use transfer on the sip phone then the phone itself handles the transfer whereas using the attended transfer feature asterisk does all the legwork.

This is how we do it here anyway, the transfer key on the phone is not used, in fact I wish I could reprogramme it to just dial 5 instead.

Incidentally, 5 is not the usual config for this, some of our phones are grandstream BT-102’s so star prefixed codes cannot be used. I use 5 for attended transfer or # for blind.

I hope this helps.


Your receptionist may not like this asnwer, but here is a non-technical solution:

Rec: Hey BB, you have a call from Larry. Would you like to take it?
BB: Yeah, send him through!
(puts BB on hold… takes a breath, drinks a cup of coffee, does whatever they do in that indeterminate time, then finds the button for Larry)
Rec: (talking to both parties) BB, here is Larry click
BB: Hello?