Pickup waiting call from queue


I want to have the possibility to pickup a top waiting call from queue just pressing some code in the softphone… Even if i am not member of a queue, or been member of a queue but logged off from the queue

Is that possible ?



There is no easy way. The only ways I can think of require AMI or shelling out to CLI and doing queue show. You will need to be careful not to steal the call from an agent who picked it up, anyway.

You will need the channel name associated with the call waiting, and then try with bridge() or channelredirect()

My caveat was because you really need the channel uniqueid, from when the call was definitely on the queue. Whilst it is not clearly documented, you can use the uniqueid as though it were a channel name. If you use the channel name and someone else picks up the call in the same way, between when you do the queue show and actually use the name, you will steal the call from them. Even using the unique ID will not stop you stealing the call from an agent who has received it using the normal queue delivery mechanisms.