How to pickup call from queue when not member of it


I have asterisk 1.2 with several grandstream 2000 phones all setup and working great.

Several of the phones are a member of our telesales queue. This is setup by adding them to queues.conf ie.
member => sip/101
member => sip/102

What I want to do is to be able to give people who are not a member of the queue a way to pickup a call which is in the queue.
Is it possible to program the buttons on the gxp using blf to monitor the queue.

I have blf buttons setup to so one person can monitor a few diffrent extensions.

Any Ideas.



the queue doesn’t have a built-in function to do this, but you could use a couple of methods as a workaround:

  1. use AddQueueMember to dynamically add a device to the queue, so that it can receive calls.

  2. script a way to use the Transfer function to transfer a channel out of the queue and to your phone. the only problem with this is that the call is logged as abandoned in the queue_log. if you’re not using queue stats, then this shouldn’t matter. since we rely heavily on our queue stats, i can’t use this - otherwise, it works perfectly.


i have a slightly different question,
is there a way so that a member can pick a call from a queue?
i mean, if a person is member of queue which has the call but call is not ringing that agent at the moment. is it possible for him to pick that?