Pickup Queue call when all agents busy

I’m trying to pick up a Queue call, and it works when there’s agents ringing in the queue, but if all agents are busy, i cannot pick up the call, and get the “no target channel found”

the pickup line is this
exten => _**2001,1,Pickup(2001@2222)

core show channels gives this:
Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/2222_12345678-00 2001@2222:17 Up Queue(2222_2001,t)

I’ve tried pickupchan with the full channel name and 2222_12345678 (omitting everything after the dash)

the main difference i noticed is when an agent is ringing on the queue the location is “2001@2222:1”

core show channel when agent is ringing:
Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/2222_111111-0000 2001@2222:1 Ringing AppQueue((Outgoing Line))

Is it not possible to pick up a call in this scenario ?

You can use Bridge() to pull the call off the queue. You need to know its channel instance name.

in my example the channel instance name would be “SIP/2222_12345678” ?