Is it possible for queue members to answer queue call withouth waiting their’s round? By dialing some sort of number combination for example.

Thanks for answer

You can use the Bridge application, as long as you know the channel name of the call that you want to take over. This needs to be initiated outside the queue system. It involves masquerades which are a tricky part of the Asterisk code, so the risk of intermittent bugs is high.

The queue application should log this as though the caller abandoned the call.

PS Your subject is incomplete; it does not summarise the key aspects of the question.

So there is situation:
Incoming call enters Queue “Inc Calls”, there are 5 queue members(100,101,102,103,104).
So first one “100” is ringing.
104 dial *888 from his softphone.
Call redirects to 104 and 104 answers.

I think you want to do a channel pickup on 100. This may confuse the queue application.

The problem with doing what you specifically ask is finding out the channel name of the incoming call, assuming that there can be more than one call in the queue at a time.

What is the situation where you would want to do this? It is possible that you are not using the queue system to full advantage, e.g. setting too long a time for 100 to answer before trying another agent, or not making it automatically pause agents who don’t answer.