Phonetree outdialing app for asterisk


I have a non profit that uses a device called phonetree ( to place reminder calls, invites and a few more things to their members. They want to expand it and would prefer to replace it with something else.

Currently the phonetree device connects to an ATA that goes out to asterisk then to the PRI. I am looking for something that would work with asterisk without having to go through an ATA and could handle multiple calls at once.

Does anyone know of any solutions that can do this?



If I understood you correctly - you want to have system which will make outgoing calls to some numbers?
For such task - you need DB (MySQL) cron - which will fetch from DB call details - when and to whom and what to “say”, asterisk and festival - last if you want text to speech.
Asterisk will make calls through outgoing provider - you will need one - there are many providers and one of them is
User will put through Web to DB call details - when to make call, to which number, and text to say, how many attempts to do if no success, and what to do if no success.

there are a few systems already built, vicidial, or astercrm, which I thought was a bit easier to setup and use, I am not sure if they will work well with the PRI though