[HELP] How to dial outside number?

Hi guys

I have already setup the register’s for my VOIP provider and I have registered Asterisk users but I’m not sure how to link it up and allow for outgoing calls and create a dialplan.

I am also already able to receive incoming calls from the provider.

Any help and examples would appreciated

thx thx thx

free beer for any help :smile:

You should start by reading through all the information at:


There’s lots of examples there, as well as almost all the documentation you’ll need. If you’ve got specific questions or you can’t find something there, then it’s worth asking here.

Read is what everyone says wahhhhhh :frowning:

Really I have read it all so many times…I have been trying to get this working for days and I have read

I just don’t get it and I’m about to have a nervous breakdown lol

Sorry but I am tired of being told “read this site” when I already have for days! :unamused:

Can someone please please please please please give me some help or an example of how you can setup to dial out?

I am trying to set this up for my in-laws…phones on 2 diff computers in the house so they can call each other and also call out

My future is with you guys so please help :open_mouth:


There’s an example on the Sipgate site:

sipgate.co.uk/faq/index.php? … k=701#num2