What do I need for that?


I am a real newbie in asterisk but a very advanced developer in general.

It would be be very helpful to tell me what I need to do that.

I want my computer to initiate calls, play a recorded message and following the key entered the person that is being called I want to interact with my database.

I don’t want any inbound calls or even be able to talk, just call and play recorded message.

What I have done so far:
I installed Asterisk 1.4 to my dedicated server Centos 5.3
I have an account with a SIP provider for outgoing calls

Do I need anything else? (I don’t think that I ned any kind of hardware)

If not I would need some help for the extensions.conf and sip.conf just to be able to make an outgoing call and ring a phone

Thak you so much for your help


You dont need nothing more.
You can create call files, and when call is connected to go to extension and play message.

Thank you I tried that but I need guidance to configure the basic extensions and sip files if you can help me for that just to call a phone

You can get 1 hardware phone like grandstream or something alike. Then you can try to register it to your Asterisk. Then - try to make call to “outside” number.