Asterisk server and multiple outbound PSTN calls

Hi guys. First I’d like to say hello, my name is Terry Smith and I’m a seasoned programmer and an intermediate system admin/IT guy.

So, I’ve been looking over the docs for the last week and have a setup idea but wnated to get some input as to how to go about the implementation, so I figured you guys would probably be the experts.

I would like to set up a server which will make outbound calls only to PSTN numbers. It will call, play an MP3 file (greeting), get a user number (such as an account number), then if the inputted information is valid, read them some information (such as an account balance).

So, here’s my take. I have installed Fedora Core 6 as I’m pretty proficient with the system. I will install Asterisk, making any necessary tweaks. The setup isn’t my big problem. The problem is what is required to make these outbound calls.

I need to be able to make more than one outbound call simultaneously, so my thoughts are to get a VOIP service from Vonage or a similar provider, and hook up the service to the server. Is this all that is required or am I completely missing one or more components?

Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. There will be no physical phones hooked up to the server, it will simply be passed the information from a PHP script and will make the call, play the files, etc.

Thank you all again. I look forward to hearing from you and apologize if this is an obvious question.